Background Art Samples

Background Designs (Layout and Cleanup) for an Untitled MTV Project (2019) that ultimately didn't come to fruition. The series was to be set in Atlanta, GA, so the directions for the street scene feature a mix of older decaying buildings and businesses with some newer and emerging ones, with backdrop downtown skyscrapers and office buildings. The interior shot is a hip-hop radio station set inside of an old shipping container. 

Pages from "The Bleeding Tree" (Published in Jewish Comics Anthology Volume 1 by AH Comics, 2014)

Background Art/ Pages from "The Admirer" (Published in Strange Romance Volume 1 by Phantasmic Tales, 2016)

 Scene Set-up for untitled in-development project

(c) Copyright 2017, 2018
Shane Kirshenblatt and
Andrew Healey

The following images were created for the Zap Kazaam pitch bible (Art by Joseph Troy, colours/ paint effects by Shane Kirshenblatt) (c) Copyright 2017, 2018 Shane Kirshenblatt and Andrew Healey

Background re-creation exercise (c. 2002, goauche on paper)

Concept Art/pinup for AFJ (Action Figure Junkies) Captain Junkie Animated Series