Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Updated To The Max!

...And I mean that in more ways than one. Not only is this update coming just over a week since my last one, but I've just overhauled the Portfolio section and divided it into different sections (separate comic art story and cover sections, as well as areas focusing on posters, concept, figure drawing, and character design) A storyboarding section will follow in the coming weeks but now that the division has been made, I can post more art overall, instead of one overcrowded page.

Additionally, plans are in place to launch a YouTube channel, where I can share free tips and tricks to those looking to learn and get motivated to create their own comics and/or animation projects. This has been a bit of a passion project for some time, and I want to make sure I'm providing a unique experience, and not just me regurgitating information that is already available on hundreds of channels or sites.  Realistically, hoping to launch this in the fall.

Thanks for stopping by and (hopefully) more updates coming soon!